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About our Restaurant

Luca began cooking at a very young age with his Nona Annetta. He gained his passion for fresh meal preparation when he would stand beside her and watch as she prepared fine Italian meals and fresh dough for pizza. While growing up Luca learned from his parents the values of hard work discipline commitment to quality and taking pride in everything one does.

Luca decided to come to the United States bringing with him his treasured family recipes. Our sauces are simmered fresh daily using ripe tomatoes fresh herbs and a few very special secret ingredients. Our dough is made fresh every day – a hit with our customers! We only use the freshest and finest ingredients and 100% real cheeses – mozzarella ricotta romano parmesan and feta.

Why do we go to so much trouble? We want to share with everyone our family heritage of excellent Italian food and because we want you to truly enjoy eating here!

Buono Appetito!

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